Dermatologically developed skincare for your body

When we think about skin care, we often think of face care, but body care is a big part of taking care of your skin as well. Often our skin reflects the life we live and just as us, our skin can feel and look tired.  Embrace your skin and treat it with our Renewing Body Scrub or a Nourishing Body Oil and introduce your body to a nourishing and effective skincare routine.

How to establish your body self-care routine

01. Gently scrub

The first step in your routine is to prepare the skin to absorb moisture. Start by using a body scrub to exfoliate dry and dead skin cells away. The removal of dead skin cell will leave your skin smoother and more even, and the skin will be fresh and ready to take in moisture and better absorb the active ingredients from the body lotion.

02. Add moisture

Your skin is now exfoliated and clean, and it is time to give the skin some moisture. To provide your skin with moisture you need a hydrating body lotion. The body lotion will lock in moisture, restore dry skin, and keep your skin smooth and soft. It will create a protective barrier against the everyday damage your skin is exposed to, so your skin is kept healthy and protected.

03. An extra treat

If you wish to treat your skin with extra moisture, you can, as the final step in your body routine, use body oil. The body oil is filled with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, and it will add long-lasting hydration on top of the body lotion. If you aim for lightweight hydration or have a busy schedule you can apply only the body oil just after your shower, this will help you skin appear radiant and glowing.

04. Rule of thumb 

One rule of thumb is to remember that washing and moisturising goes hand in hand. So, after cleansing the body or washing the hands it is excellent to follow up with a moisturiser.


Our recommendation

Tanning Drops

299,00 kr.


Aloe Vera Acai Extract


Dehydrated skin Nutrition loss

Renewing Body Scrub

299,00 kr.


Aloe Vera Juice Glycerine


Uneven skin texture Dehydrated skin

Restore Body Lotion

299,00 kr.


Squalane Shea Butter


External pollution Dryness

Nourishing Body Oil

299,00 kr.


Jojoba Oil Squalane


Elasticity loss Dehydrated skin

Hand Cream

149,00 kr.


Niacinamide Squalane


Pigment spots Dehydrated skin

Hand Wash

89,00 kr.


Aloe Vera Macadamia Oil


Irritated skin Dry & cracked skin

FAQ – Body

Why is body lotion important?

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ? Our skin is a protective barrier that protects our body from environmental damage, sun and cold. Taking care of your body is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy and feeling your best in the skin you’re in. Providing the skin with hydration and nourishment will ensure glowing and radiant skin that will look and feel healthy.

When do I have to use body lotion?

If you experience the feeling of tight and dry skin then your skin is most definitely dehydrated, many complications can arise from dry skin, some people suffer from skin conditions like eczema or keratosis pilaris. Skin conditions like these makes the skin very vulnerable and in need of extra care.

To care for your skin, your routine should be persistent and involving body products as well as facial skin care. It is within your best interest to keep you skin well hydrated; prevention is better than cure.  Nourishing the skin on your body will help you maintain a healthier look all year round.

How to apply lotion?

The best time to apply your body lotion or body oil is after the shower when your skin is still damp. The body lotion or body oil will help lock in the moisture from the damp skin and keep the skin extra hydrated. Start by lightly padding your skin dry, and then apply a generous amount of your body lotion or body oil. Gently massage the product into the skin. Your skin is now hydrated and protected.

Active science

Each formula uses the best from green chemistry and uses a fusion of super actives and superfood ingredients.

Personalised recommendations

Review of your skin followed by personalised skincare recommendations whenever you have the time.