Dermatologically developed cleansing products

No more confusion about facial cleansing. Yes, cleansing your face is the essential first step of your skin care routine. Yes, you must use a cleanser morning and evening. And yes, our cleanser makes it easy to cleanse your skin every day. Our facial cleanser removes impurities and make-up residue effectively while also prepping your skin for taking in all the nurturing ingredients from the remaining products of your skin care routine. The key to beautiful skin is cleansing.

Cleanse right according to your skin type

01. Cleansing for normal skin

You can use all of our cleansing products if you are blessed with normal skin. Use Micellar Water to clean your face from make-up and use a cleanser afterward to remove any residue. Our Cleansing Gel and Cleansing Foam are also suitable to use for make-up removal. We recommend double cleansing every evening in order to secure proper cleansing.

02. Cleansing for dry skin

If you are experiencing dry skin, our Cleansing Gel and Micellar Water are most suitable for your skin type. You will need a cleansing product that won’t dry out your skin and helps to optimise the moisture balance in your skin. Find more products suitable for you who are prone to dry skin by shopping according to your skin type.

03. Cleansing for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and our Cleansing Face Scrub are sadly not a good match as the scrubbing is likely to irritate your skin even more. Instead, our Cleansing Gel and Micellar Water will be the perfect products to cleanse your skin. It’s an advantage if you choose a cleansing product with a soothing effect in order to relieve irritation. At our site, you can shop according to your skin type (link) in order to find the exact products that match your skin type.

04. Cleansing for oily skin

All of our cleansing products are suitable for your skin type. In other words, you can pick and choose between the Cleansing Gel, the Cleansing Foam, the Micellar Water, or the Cleansing Face Scrub. You will need a cleansing product that removes impurities without ruining the natural barrier of your skin.


Our recommendation

Cleansing Foam

229,00 kr.


AHA Chamomilla Extract


Irritated skin Rough skin

Cleansing Face Scrub

229,00 kr.


Aloe Vera Juice Glycerine


Uneven skin tone Moisture loss

Micellar Water

229,00 kr.


Niacinamide Marine Water


Dull skin Clogged pores

Cleansing Gel

229,00 kr.


Provitamin B5 Salicylic Acid


Dehydrated skin Breakouts

FAQ – Cleansing

What is a cleanser?

A cleanser is a product used to remove impurities from your face. No matter if it’s make-up, SPF, or dead skin cells, a cleansing product will remove pollutants from your skin. Cleansing positively affects the effectiveness of your other skin care products. So, if you care about results, you would care about your skin care routine. Better skin, better you.

Why use a cleanser?

There is one simple reason to why you must use a cleanser. Cleansing your face will enhance the nurture and effect of your other skin care products. You can buy expensive products that will have absolutely no effect on your skin, if your skin isn’t cleansed before applying the products.

How should I cleanse my face?

You should cleanse your face both morning and evening. Also, double cleansing is preferable when removing make-up in the evening in order to ensure deeply cleansed skin. It’s important that you’re aware not to over-cleanse. If you’re over-cleansing, your skin will be stripped from its natural oils resulting in itchy and irritated skin.




Can I cleanse my face with water only?

Your skin isn’t really cleansed if you only wash your face with water. Dead skin cells are not removed properly if you only cleanse with water and excess dead cells will build-up leading your skin to look and feel worse.

Active science

Each formula uses the best from green chemistry and uses a fusion of super actives and superfood ingredients.

Personalised recommendations

Review of your skin followed by personalised skincare recommendations whenever you have the time.