Skincare kits for various skin concerns

No more confusion about establishing a skincare routine suited to your skin’s needs. Our dermatology experts have curated three kits of thoroughly selected products designed to calm the skin, manage redness, and maintain a glowing complexion. Each product kit includes a cleanser, a mask, a serum, and a moisturiser enriched with the active ingredients your skin is craving for.

Establishing a professional skincare routine

01 Cleansing

A great cleanser should be the first product in your skincare routine. Our cleansers effectively remove impurities and make-up residue from the skin, preparing it to taking in all the nourishing ingredients introduced later in your skin care routine.

02 Serum

Serums are concentrated products filled with antioxidants and active ingredients, combined in innovative formulations designed to address specific skin concerns. All Apeer serums are quick absorbing, allowing you to apply face cream just seconds after applying the serum.

03 Face Cream

A face cream serves as a barrier, helping to lock in the ingredients from the serum while also providing additional moisture to the skin.

04 Extra

It may be necessary to address your skin’s specific needs with a mask, whether it needs a hydration boost or peeling. Each product kit includes a mask that’s ideal incorporating into your skincare routine every other day. We recommend using a mask 2-3 times a week.


Our recommendation

Redness Kit

1.349,00 kr.


Redyless® Salicylsyre


Redness Clogged pores

Calming Kit

1.249,00 kr.


Vitamin E Provitamin B5


Sensitive skin Dehydrated skin

Glowing Kit

1.249,00 kr.


Lactic Acid Vitamin C


Enlarged pores Pigmentation

Plumping Kit

1.349,00 kr.


Peptide booster Vitamin A


Fine lines Signs of aging

FAQ – Product kits

What skin concerns do the different product kits target?

Our redness kit addresses acne, congested pores, and blemished skin. The calming kit is for those who wish to manage rosacea or have irritated or sensitive skin. Lastly, the glowing kit targets pigmentated skin, helping those who wish to achieve a more balanced and radiant skin tone.

Which products does a product kit contain?

All kits contain a cleanser, mask, serum, and a face cream. Our redness kit also includes a spot stick to calm and diminish blemishes in the skin.

How to use a product kit?

Our kits include a comprehensive guide on how to use and introduce the products into your skincare routine. If you’re using a product for the first time, we recommend introducing one product at a time. Once your skin has built up tolerance, you can include all the products in your skincare routine.

Active science

Each formula uses the best from green chemistry and uses a fusion of super actives and superfood ingredients.

Personalised recommendations

Review of your skin followed by personalised skincare recommendations whenever you have the time.