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Get an AI-analysis of your skin whenever you want 

Sometimes it is necessary to get at second opinion. We offer a fast and free of charge access to an analysis of your skin. Available whenever you need it with personalised skincare review and recommendations based on your skin’s wellbeing.

"Scan the QR-code with the camera on your mobile, follow the instructions, and receive your results and skincare recommendations now”

3 steps to complete the analysis

Step 01

Scan the QR-code with your mobile camera.

Step 02

Ensure makeup, glasses and hair are removed from your face.

Step 03

Position yourself in a setting with natural light and capture your selfie.

01. Skin quality

Your skin quality is analysed and given an individual rating. Ratings are eitherBad,AverageorGood. Be aware that ratings are affected by the resolution of your picture. Always ensure taking a picture with the front camera of your mobile in a setting with natural light.

02. Skin score 

In addition to an analysis of skin quality, your skin also recieves a skin score on different skin metrics. Each metric is assigned a value ranking from 0 to 100. Depending on the wellbeing of your skin the ranking will either be high or low. Metrics will have a lower value if the skin has issues and a higher value for healthy normal skin. As an example, the score 100 in the acne-metric, translates into your skin being completely free from acne. Acne is nowhere to be found in your skin. Therefore, it does NOT mean you have a score of 100% acne. It can be confusing to interpret the data, but just remember the higher the score the better skin you have.

03. The technology 

After you have taken your selfie, multiple algorithms are analysing your skin using Artificial Intelligence, and at last your personalised results and recommendations are ready.