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Article: This is why you should choose skincare without silicone

This is why you should choose skincare without silicone
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This is why you should choose skincare without silicone

Silicone-free – What does it mean, when is a product considered silicone-free, and why choose a silicone-free skincare product?

Opinions on silicone in skincare are varied. There are those who believe that silicone is necessary in skincare to provide products with a lightweight and velvety texture. On the other hand, there are those who believe that silicone should be excluded from skincare products to ensure that it does not hinder the skin’s ability to breathe.

What does silicone-free mean?

If a product is labeled as silicone-free, it means that the product does not contain any ingredients with silicone. It has been common in the past to use silicone in both hair and skincare products. Today, there is more debate about whether silicone is good or bad. Silicone has various applications in skincare. Silicone softens and smooths the skin’s surface, helps to retain moisture in the skin, and gives the product a good consistency, which can facilitate its application. Silicone in skincare products does not provide any specific nourishment to the skin. But it is a cost-effective ingredient, which is why it might be attractive to use.

When is a product free of silicone?

Not all skincare brands use the label “silicone-free” on product packaging. However, the product can still be free of silicone even if it is not labeled as such. Luckily, there is a rule of thumb that you can use to easily determine whether your skincare products are silicone-free or not. In the INCI list of your skincare product, you should look for ingredients that end with “-cone” to determine if it is silicone-free or not. If the product does not contain ingredients ending in “-cone,” there is a high probability that it does not contain silicone.

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Why choose silicone-free skincare?

In our skincare products, we do not use silicone. We are silicone-free because we believe that it is best for the skin to be able to breathe freely rather than through a layer of silicone. Skin health is our top priority. What is considered healthy and unhealthy for the skin is always up for discussion. Therefore, it is not because skincare with silicone is damaging to the skin. There is indeed not much research or documentation available in this area. Therefore, the best skincare advice we can give is to try products without silicone to see the effect it can have on your skin.

Dermatological nurse and cosmetologist, Victoria Bules Piihl, explains the decision to exclude silicone from Apeer’s skincare products as follows:
“It is important to me that we offer consumers products that do not worsen their skin condition. Skincare without silicone minimizes the risk of pore clogging and allows the skin to breathe freely.”

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Furthermore, at Apeer, we also believe that there are too many ingredients that burden the environment. A silicone-free product guarantees that there is no harmful form of silicone in the product that cannot dissolve in water and therefore persists in the environment and on the skin.

Apeer is a high-performance skincare brand with effective and active ingredients that has to be gently introduced to the skin. Gradually build up your daily routine and start gently by using your products 2-3 times a week, gradually increasing towards daily use.

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